How the Secretary Sees It

REVISED FIXTURES SEASON 21-22 (updated 7:15pm 14th Sept)
The revised fixtures can be found on the ABOUT US page by clicking on the usual link for the .pdf download.  The website fixtures are now also updated.

League  Season 2019-20
Rose and Crown Bellingham,  'A' Division Winners and The Fox Inn 'C'  Winners of the 'B' Division.
Runners up are Café Enna and Unionist Misfits respectively.
Individual Winners
Singles points winner is R Marshall , Most 180’s F Mews with 9 and High Out Shot Tommy Newton with 158

All other Competitions Cancelled

When you send in your result card by e-mail, or a messaging service there is no need to make a special journey to drop the card into the Ex Service club.  However please retain the originals and hand them in at the next Captain's meeting.

Results Cards can be downloaded from the About Us page (in PDF format) and printed.  Please use this option rather than pieces of paper.  Thanks.