How the Secretary Sees It

David Heron Trebles
17 Teams turned out to play in the trebles on Friday.
The two teams who made it through to the final are The Golden Lion (C. Beavers, G. Wilkins & A. Turnbull) and The Phoenix B ( J. Brittan, S. Gowens & K. George)


With immediate effect Donnies will be playing their remaining  home games at Weatherspoons for the rest of the season

March's Captains Meeting.
This month's meeting will now be held on Monday 11th.

Results Cards can be downloaded from the About Us page (in PDF format) and printed.  Please use this option rather than pieces of paper.  Thanks.

Result Cards
A thankyou to all you guys sending in your cards by e-mail and text.

The Ricky McNamee Charity Night.
Drew the 2017-18 season to a successful conclusion.  The best ever turnout raised £175 for the Stroke Association.  A great night of darts was won by the paring of J.Milligan &  S. Plemper who beat C. Cooper & C. Harvey in the final.