How the Secretary Sees It

to all the Division A teams for sending their results in electronically.
It was the first time we had a 100% electronic return.
When you send in your result card by e-mail, or a messaging service there is no need to make a special journey to drop the card into the Ex Service club.  Please retain the paper copy and bring them to the next Captain's meeting.

We welcome two new teams The Fox & Hounds Prudhoe B and
The Phoenix C.
In Div A The Golden Lion return to their former venue The Wheatsheaf whilst in Div B, Donnies have permanently relocated to Wetherspoons
and The Boatside Warden will be playing out of The Globe.

Results Cards can be downloaded from the About Us page (in PDF format) and printed.  Please use this option rather than pieces of paper.  Thanks.

Result Cards