How the Secretary Sees It

To be held in the Ex-Service Club
FRIDAY 20th AUGUST 2021 @7:30pm

Hi All
Hope you are all keeping well and safe.
Apologies that I have not communicated for a while, but with guidance constantly changing, there didn't seem much point until things got back to nearer "Normal".
Things need to be discussed in the AGM for the coming season  and the safety of venues,as I guess some players may still be nervous about playing.  I will be looking to contact all the team Captains that were current members of the league from 2019 prior to the AGM.

See you in August



This means congratulations go to the Rose and Crown Bellingham,  'A' Division Winners and The Fox Inn 'C'  Winners of the 'B' Division.
Runners up are Café Enna and Unionist Misfits respectively.
Individual Winners
Singles points winner is R Marshall , Most 180’s F Mews with 9 and High Out Shot Tommy Newton with 158
Remaining Finals
We have 4 finals outstanding:
'A' Division KO Cup, Mickley v Phoenix A,
'B' Division Lar Miller, KO Cup The Fox Inn 'B' v Miners
Peter North Fours,  Phoenix B v Tory B
Greenwood Shield, Café Enna v Rose Crown.
We would like to play these off the week prior to the start of the 2020-21 Season. This will be reviewed nearer the time as teams may change players.
Other Competitions
Champion of Champions , Super 16 , Bottom 4s, Singles, Doubles and David Herron Trebles will not be played for this season.
Trophy Presentation
There will be no trophy presentation at this time, we would like to maybe give individual Main trophies out to the winners . I have still yet to carry out getting last years back off teams.
This may take some time , I will contact captains over the coming weeks.
We would like to give individual trophies out to the players that want them rather than getting them in bulk.  We can only do this when next season is safe to resume.
I will meet up with Steve and discuss options as we may waive league fees next season with this season being incomplete and not all trophies awarded.

2020 / 21 Season
The season will start once it is safe and we are allowed to.  I will contact teams/pubs nearer the time even if its early next year.  Oobviously with less time we may have to reduce/ half season and play each other only once . We will look into this when we restart.   Also we need  an AGM then finals outstanding 2 weeks prior to any restart.  This is the best we can do under the current circumstances.
I do know some individual Darts is going on in certain places.  However  with our league of 25 teams we cannot do this until it is entirely safe to do so within  the current guidelines and when the pubs are ready for this.
Any queries or questions please contact Myself, Steve or Jackie

Thanks Alan
15th August 2020


When you send in your result card by e-mail, or a messaging service there is no need to make a special journey to drop the card into the Ex Service club.  However please retain the originals and hand them in at the next Captain's meeting.

Results Cards can be downloaded from the About Us page (in PDF format) and printed.  Please use this option rather than pieces of paper.  Thanks.